How Are Chats Routed?

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  • Updated: May 5th 2018

The parameters passed in your widget code determine how chats are routed.

The askavenue platform identifies agents by Agent ID. An Agent ID can be added/imported by the Account Owner or one is automatically assigned to them by our system.

When a chat is initiated, our system will look for a value in options.agent_id to identify an agent in our system. If a match is found, the agent’s profile picture is then loaded into the chat widget rather than the Default Avatar uploaded. This also confirms to the user that the chat request is going to that agent. If an Agent ID is not passed in options.agent_id then our system falls back on a multi-agent broadcast, defined by a set of rules that can be customizable by the account owner.

Here are some common scenarios:

1. If Agent ID is passed, then the chat is sent directly to that agent.

2. If Agent ID is not passed, the chat is then broadcast to multiple agents based on the rules defined here.

3. If Agent ID is passed but invalid, then the chat widget will not load. An invalid ID is defined as a value that was not matched to any agent in our system. This approach can also be used to suppress the widget on pages where you may want it hidden.

Note, Agent IDs are unique per account so there must be a match for both options.agent_id and options.brokerage_uuid to successfully send a chat.


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