Targeting Website Visitors With Proactive Chat

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  • Updated: April 2nd 2018

One of the most effective ways to engage your online visitors is by setting up triggers to initiate a proactive chat with a customer based on specified conditions that you define. Your customer can choose whether or not to respond.

With askavenue, you customize the proactive chat trigger timing and greeting message your visitors will see.

Customize The Proactive Chat Trigger

By default, the proactive pop-up is set to appear at 10 seconds.

To customize your proactive chat trigger timer, access chat ‘Trigger’ settings under the Settings tab within your dashboard. From here, you can select a number of pre-set timers based on your liking.

Pro Tip: set proactive chat trigger timing based on your average user time on-site which can be determined with any website analytics tracking software.

Customize The Proactive Chat Greeting Message

Under the same section as the proactive chat trigger setting, you can personalize the proactive greeting that will display for your visitors when prompted to chat.

We recommend using a highly relevant greeting message that is both concise and personal.




Getting Started
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