Accepting A New Chat Request

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  • Updated: May 3rd 2018

Accepting or rejecting a chat is super simple with the askavenue app. Just like you would reply to a text or message from one of your other favourite messaging apps, whenever someone wants to chat with you about a property, you’ll receive a push notification on your mobile device’s screen.

To accept and respond to a new chat request from the askavenue app, simply tap on the push notification that appears on your mobile device.

Accepting A New Chat Request


By tapping on the notification, you’ll be immediately taken to the Accept/Reject screen within the askavenue app.

Tap Accept to begin chatting.

Accepting A New Chat Request


If you are unavailable to chat, then tap Reject to allow another agent/team member to answer.

Click below to watch a video on how to accept a new chat request.









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