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  • Updated: April 2nd 2018

Need help starting a conversation with a lead?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

We get it, reaching out to someone you’ve never met before can be intimidating. You don’t want to spook them, or worse, annoy them.

Here are three tips for starting a new conversation with a new chat lead.

How To Start A Conversation With A New Lead

Say Hi

I know. This one sounds obvious, right? But people rarely do it.

You have to remember that a lead isn’t just an email address, or a contact from a database, they’re a real person just like you. So be polite and say “Hi!”

What would you say to someone who just walked into your office for the first time? You’d say “Hello”. Communicating with a chat lead is no different and your good manners will set a positive tone for the rest of the conversation.

Be Human

There’s no better way to start a conversation than by showing you’re a real person too. Don’t try to be too formal – feel free to use emoji’s to express yourself 🤪. Once you’ve started a conversation, answer their questions as best you can, and then try and get them talking about their buying or selling needs. If you’re using AskAvenue PRO, we make this even easier for you. Every time you get a new message, we give you as much information as we can about the person you’re chatting with. For people who’ve provided their email address (this is where it gets awesome) you’ll get enriched data for that contact, including their name, location, job and company information, links to their social profiles and more, like this:

You can use any of this information to have a better conversation with your new leads, like “I see you’re located in Toronto, are you planning on relocating to Vancouver anytime soon?”

Take Control

Answering questions from interested buyers or sellers is great, but if you don’t take control of the chat conversation, you’ll end up only providing information and receiving nothing in return. This is why it is important to control the flow of a chat conversation by providing short answers to questions and then asking prospecting questions yourself, so you can more effectively help a chat lead move closer to their desired goal – buying or selling a home with you.

To help you in better manage chat conversations and win more business, be sure to ask useful questions so you can better understand what the chat lead is looking for and how you can help them. For example, if a chat lead lead is requesting more info on a particular property, it is likely that they want similar listings to the property in question, so it appropriate and valuable to probe a little further by asking “are you interested in similar listings in the area?” or “what is your budget, I can recommend similar listings within your price range”. All of this will get the chat lead to open up and provide you with more information as to how you can assist them, rather than you having to answer 21 questions.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is be a real person. Say hello and try and help them find the best home if they’re buying, or provide market insights if they’re planning on listing. Regardless if they’re buying or selling, try to tailor the conversation to their needs.

To tie all of these together, here’s an example chat script of how one of our successful customers use AskAvenue to qualify buyer leads (this customer has a ~60% conversion rate):


Greeting: Hi [visitor name]!

Build rapport: I’m happy to answer that for you…

Answer: Monthly maintenance fees in this building are approx.. [insert response]

Qualifying question #1: Is this for investment purposes? 

Qualifying question #2: Would you like me to setup a showing for you?

Conversion Statement: I have your email address, but what’s a good phone number where I can reach you with further questions?



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